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    Gul says another plane on the way to Kyrgyzstan for Turkish students

    Hürriyet Haber
    27.03.2005 - 13:15 | Son Güncelleme:

    Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Gul said on Saturday evening that another plane would leave for Kyrgyzstan to evacuate Turkish students after the developments in that country.
      "People's life not in danger in Kyrgyzstan"

    Speaking to reporters, Gul said that the situation in Kyrgyzstan started to get normalised and stability was restored, plunder ended in the country and that there was no reaction and attack against Turks.

    Gul stated that the delegation which went to Kyrgyzstan from Turkey closely monitored the developments and the delegation met with the new Kyrgyz foreign minister Roza Otunbayeva and other officials.

    He monitored the developments by phone calls with the Turkish Embassy in Bishkek and the Turkish delegation in the region. 

    Gul said that Turkey was ready to do its best for Kyrgyzstan and the Kyrgyz people, adding that yet a demand had to come for that.

    Pointing out to the importance of protection of peace and stability in
    the region, Gul said that the changes in the country should take place
    in a way that would not disturb the stability in the region.

    Recalling that Kyrgyzstan was an OSCE member, Gul referred to the importance of OSCE principles like democracy, transparency and freedomand those principles should be respected by OSCE countries. ''We support OSCE principles as Turkey,'' said Gul, adding that no Turkish person was kidnapped in the region, but two Turkish students in Jalalabad burned the car of a person who was charged in the new administration in Kyrgyzstan. That was just an ordinary crime, not a political one, Gul said. Gul added that another plane was on the way for Turkish students in Jalalabad.

    Gul also gave information about his meeting with Human Rights Associations Chairmen the same day and stressed that it was not an extraordinary meeting and the delegation explained their views about the recent developments about the attempt to burn the Turkish flag in Mersin and the protests against it. Gul called everybody to act calmly and in common sense. ''Measures will be taken, but everybody has a mission in this regard...Our values are the common values of all Turkish Republic citizens. We must consolidate our brotherhood
    feelings and continue undertaking economic and democratic reforms. Turkey is a state of law,'' he said.

    Referring to Turkey's EU bid, Gul said that the negotiations would start on October 3 as it was planned. Upon a question, Gul said that the letter which would start the signing process of additional protocol extending Turkey's customs union to the Greek Cypriot side, didn't reach Ankara yet. Gul said that Turkey's Permanent Representative to EU Oguz Demiralp told EU that Turkey expected starting of the exchange of letters. ''We ask EU to send us the text on which we agreed and send it to us,'' said Gul adding that they
    expected the letter to arrive in Ankara next week. If the text coincided with the document on which the both sides agreed, Turkey would say yes to that and the process would start and it would probably continue until the term presidency of Britain, Gul said, adding Turkey would fulfill its commitments before October 3. Gul noted that they changed the understanding in the text which foresaw inclusion of ports and airports in customs union. 

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