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    Gul: "Implementation of new TCK was delayed due to technical problems"

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    31.03.2005 - 14:35 | Son Güncelleme:

    Turkish Foreign Minister & Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Gul said on Thursday that implementation of new Turkish Penal Code (TCK) was delayed due to technical problems. Holding a joint news conference together with Foreign Minister Rodolphe Adada of Republic of the Congo, who is currently in Turkey on an official visit, Gul said, “Turkish parliament will make the final decision. We held a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan overnight and decided to postpone implementation of the new TCK. It is not clear yet whether postponement will take 45 days or 2 months.”

    Gul added that they made such a decision upon recommendations of non-governmental organizations for consolidation of the reformist quality of the code.

    Turkish lawmakers reformed the 79-year-old TCK under Turkey's EU adjustment process.

    The new TCK was scheduled to take effect on Friday, April 1st.

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