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Government bill decoded

Hürriyet has obtained detailed information about Turkey’s logistical role should parliament vote yes to joining the peacekeeping mission in Lebanon.


Sabiha Gökçen Airport in Istanbul and Şakir Paşa Airport in Adana would both be made available to UN peacekeeping nations deploying troops and equipment to Lebanon. Esenboğa Airport in Ankara may be used in case of emergency, while all Turkish airports, including Incirlik in Adana, would be available for ‘emergency landings’ in the case of technical failure. The bill states that all details regarding military personnel and cargo must be provided prior to arrival and checked by Turkish authorities.


UN peacekeeping forces would have access to Mersin and Iskenderun ports. All personnel and cargo details must be provided in advance, and would be subject to scrutiny by Turkish port authorities.

Contact officers

Turkish contact officers would also see duty at Beirut port, shuttling field corps engineers and shelter, food and health supplies to Turkish troops in peacekeeping zones, and distributing humanitarian aid arriving by sea.

The Turkish Armed Forces would also help train Lebanese troops. Such operations would take place in both Lebanon and Turkey.

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