GeriGündem Göcek bays to be booked on Internet
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Göcek bays to be booked on Internet

BODRUM - Boat owners who want to set sail in the beautiful bays in Göcek Gulf will soon be able to make reservations on the Internet.

Environment and Forestry Ministry has launched some precautions to protect the bays in Göcek from pollution caused by yachts. The precautions include getting a permission to dock in some bays, and the reservations will be available on the Internet.


Special Environment Protection Board Deputy Chairman Ahmet Özyanık said more than 10,000 boats are in the move in the 40 bays located in Göcek Gulf. He recalled a decision taken in 1988 that bans all kinds of tourism in the land surrounding Göcek Gulf.

"The decision was a strategic one," he said. "We are still getting thank you messages for the preservations of the forests. But since we directed the tourism to the sea, now we face the problem of pollution created by boats. We must prepare new regulations."

Özyanık said the board has determined which bays can be used for tourism, for how long and for what purposes. "Some bays will be completely closed. We will not allow swimming in those bays, let alone anchoring," he said.

The deputy chairman said precautions have been taken also to minimize the negative affects of one-day trips to the bays. Here are the rules the boats should follow

- The boat will not be allowed to make too much noise or play loud music

- No boat will be allowed to anchor in the bays for more than two days. The period of stay in a bay will be determined before the trip and the stays will need official permission

- The speed limits will be six sea miles per hour in open sea and three sea miles per hour in the bays

- The boats will not be allowed to anchor in open sea

- It will be forbidden to cook on deck

- All vessels entering the Göcek Gulf will be subject to waste management systems and they will not be allowed to leave their bilge in the gulf.

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