GeriGündem Get-away through negligence, but caught in the end
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Get-away through negligence, but caught in the end

Hurriyet has managed to get hold of images of Eyup Beyaz, entering the Ministry of Justice as a ‘live bomb’ on video tape. Beyaz, who decided to take his own action in protest of the new Penal and Execution Code, and the enforcement of F type prisons by bombing the Ministry of Justice back in July 2005, appears on the security tape, at the visitors’ door on July 1, 2005 at 9.05 am with a blue folder in his hands. The incident, which shows signs of neglect on the part of security officials, develops in the following way:

High level signal

As Eyup Beyaz enters, the security doors at the entrance of the building, and the woman standing at the doors asks Beyaz to “Please remove any metallic objects you may have on you and re-enter through the security doors”, to which Beyaz replies, “I have nothing on me”, proceeding to walk past the security agent.

The security woman tells Beyaz that he may not enter in this way, and Beyaz repeats that he has nothing on him, “You can come and search me if you want”. The female security agent tells a male colleague to search Beyaz. The man warns Beyaz further, reminding him that unless he walks through the security door a second time, they will will not be able to let him inside the building. As the security agent approaches in order to personally search him, Beyaz panics.

Windows break but bomb does not explode
Terrorist Beyaz attempts to set off the bomb system he is wearing as he panics. The system makes a loud bang and is set off. At this point, the images on the camera appear red all of a sudden, and there is smoke all around the room as windows break. Beyaz faints very briefly, and during this time, staff at the Ministry are taken outside, leaving Beyaz behind. Hearing the loud bang from outside, surrounding Police officers begin to make their way to the scene.

As Beyaz regains consciousness, one of the security guards begins to intervene, and eventually handcuffs Eyup Beyaz, waiting for the arrival of more security officers. Beyaz manages to get away from the security guards, and runs off still wearing handcuffs. Despite security guards’ efforts to stop him, Beyaz continues as shots are fired into the air by police officers. Because of fears that he could set off the bomb he is wearing at any moment, officers fire at Eyup Beyaz, killing him at the scene of the incident.

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