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    German Journalist Keese was Misunderstood

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    16.02.2005 - 10:37 | Son Güncelleme:

    German's Welt am Sonntag's Editor Christopher Keese announced yesterday there had been a misunderstanding with regards to press coverage in Turkey about the interview he had conducted with Prime Minister Erdogan in Davos two weeks ago. The prime minister was reported as saying the interview had never taken place. However, after speaking with his colleagues in Ankara PM Erdogan recalled the interview.

    "While traveling in Asia, Prime Minister Erdogan could not remember our interview at Davos which took place the week before. Considering Erdogan has so many interviews, this situation is understandable. After talking with friends in Ankara, he confirmed the interview. Turkey reported that I had referred to the Prime Minister as a liar. I made no such expression either written or verbally." Keese said in a letter to the Cuneyd Zapsu, the PM's adviser.

    Keese also wrote that some of the statements published in the Turkish press were not accurate and that the interpretation of what Erdogan had said was also inaccurate.

    "When the PM stated that he was a "devout muslim", the Turkish press spun this into a statement pressing for a distinction to be made between "devout" and non-devout", such a distinction is completely unnecessary." Added Keese in the letter sent to Ankara.

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