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    Gamblers in Gebze forced to lie in the street by masked men

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    09.08.2006 - 13:13 | Son Güncelleme:

    A masked group of gunmen burst into a traditional mens' cafe yesterday in Gebze, forcing men who were gambling there out onto the street, and leaving behind them a poster with words warning "It is wrong to gamble, give up your ways."

    Witnesses report that the group of 5-6 men, who were even wearing gloves, burst into the cafe and asked who was running the place. Following this, they forced out a group of 10-12 men who were reportedly gambling, and made them lie face down on the street outside. While the group lay outside, the masked men proceeded to break the tables and chairs in the cafe, after which they threw 2 molotov cocktails into the room where the men had been playing.

    Though there is still no proof of who carried out this act, police authorities in the area say a leftist group is suspected.

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