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    Fraudsters producing false credit cards on the net have been caught

    16.03.2005 - 09:29 | Son Güncelleme:

    It has come to light that gangs of criminals in Turkey were getting 'foreign bank's customers' personal credit card information from international crooks' and creating fake credit cards. Police have been trying to stamp out their networks for four months, ten people are now in custody as a result of the investigation. It appears that some of the biggest crooks in the operation were located in Turkey.

    It came out during the investigation that almost four months ago criminals in America, Russia and some European countries were sending personal bank information to Turkey via the internet.

    The Police were able to find Veysel Balkan, Adnan Yıldırım and Şemsettin Alaca through e-mails and by following their electronic trail on the internet. Seven more people have been arrested in connection with the manufacturing of fake credit cards.

    In a search of Balkan Yıldırım and Alaca’s house police found 700 counterfeit credit cards, 4,700 copied credit cards and the means to reproduce information imprinted on cards as well as their magnetic strips. In a statement made by Mustafa Aktaş, who is the Fiscal Director in the Istanbul Safety Department he confirmed that this is the biggest operation of its kind in Turkey so far.

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