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    Former UK Ministers warns against shutting out Turkey

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    04.09.2005 - 13:50 | Son Güncelleme:

    As the debate on Turkey’s EU accession gets more heated, former UK Minister of Defense Michael Portillo has offered his outlook on the issue – suggesting that shutting out Turkey for good would be a “major blow” strategically, paving the way for fundamentalism. Potillo said secularism in Turkey “doesn’t look very secure”.

    In his article published in The Sunday Times, Portillo highlighted Turkey’s strategic importance, adding that losing Turkey out to fundamentalism would be a “big mistake”. Portillo said Turkey is the only secular and democratic Muslim country in the world, adding that Atatürk’s vision is a big chance for the EU.

    “Should Turkey become a country to promote and export terrorism, Russia, US, Europe and Israel would end up in disaster,” the article read, also suggesting that Turkey’s vetoing sending troops to Iraq is a major indicator the country’s strengths.

    In his article Portillo also dissed Angela Merkel’s “privileged partnership” idea, saying it would simply “not work”.
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