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    Former minister Mehmet Yazar receives another blow

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    28.01.2006 - 11:59 | Son Güncelleme:

    Former minister, Mehmet Yazar, who said goodbye to politics following the loss of his daughter, Sema, in a traffic accident 16 years ago, received yet another blow this week from his daughter, Yasemin Yazar Öncel’s husband. Öncel and her MIT-affiliated husband, Kubilay Öncel, are going through a divorce which has been surrounded by scandal. Öncel claimed that her husband would ask her for money constantly, and on refusal, would terrorise her. Kubilay Öncel, on the other hand, has claimed that his wife would tell him, “You’re a studhorse, my dear. You’ll simply give your sperm to the Yazar family and leave.”

    Mehmet Yazar’s daughter, 37 year-old Yasemin Yazar Öncel, filed a divorce case against her husband, Kubilay Öncel, 27, after five years of marriage. In the application with her lawyer, Oncel claimed that her husband did not take on the responsibilities that come with marriage; that he constantly asked her for money and when she refused, terrorised her; and that the fighting was affecting their children.

    Kubilay Oncel denies such allegations, claiming that his wife told him he was a mere “studhorse”, that she “would have gone to a sperm donor in Israel had you not been there.”

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