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    Foreign press interest in Turkey sky rockets

    Hürriyet Haber
    01.10.2005 - 10:45 | Son Güncelleme:

    Ahead of October 3 – the date given for Turkey to start EU accession talks – the world media have become obsessed with Turkey and are scrambling to talk to the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. According to the Directorate General of Press and Information (BYEGM), 468 foreign journalists and intellectuals from 24 different countries visited Turkey in the frame of orientation tours organized by BYEGM . The Prime Minister's Office Press Counselor Salih Melek said, "They are constantly demanding meetings with the Turkish Prime minister while he is disclosing the interest of French media towards Turkey.

    Melek said that the number of journalists sent to Turkey on a temporary contract to cover the build up to EU talks had increased: “We expect this interest for Turkey to increase even more. We also bring journalists from several countries to Turkey for orientation tours. We provide them first hand information.”

    BYEGM, which is connected to the prime ministry, sent a book and CD, which are prepared in Turkish, English, French, German, Japanese, Arabic and Russian, titled “Turkey “ to diplomatic representative offices, universities and foreign press. 32,500 books and CDs, which were prepared in seven languages, were published for this reason.

    The demands come not only from Europe but also from the Arab press as everyone wants to get an analysis of what is happening. Interestingly enough the French – a staunch opposer to Turkish membership – press have shown an increased interest in Turkey by doubling their coverage of the debate. Le Figaro, Le Monde, Paris Match and France 2, TV 5 TV channels in particular are showing an increased interest.

    Other press and media foundations that are also interested in talking to the prime minister and Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul are: BBC, Austria Radio and Television Foundation ORF, Italian Corrirera Della Sera and Mattino, and US Centered Wall Street Journal in Europe. Arab media that are interested are Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper.

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