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    Ford Europe: Extraordinary success means Turkey to continue on as production center

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    15.09.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Ford Europe's President, John Flemming, has confirmed that Turkey will continue on as a production center for light trade vehicles, saying "This is the role we envision for Turkey." Flemming noted that the Turkish Ford Otosan factory had increased its capacity in an incredible leap, saying "5 years ago, Ford Otosan produced a total of 25,000 vehicles per year. And next year, 250,000 of these vehicles will be produced in Turkey. Which means that Turkey has shown a ten fold increase in production in 5 years." Flemming also underlined that Ford sees Turkey not only as a production center, but as a lively market for automobiles. "As Ford Europe, we aim to grow and profit continually. Turkey plays a big role in these plans; we want Turkey to always have big share in our market."
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