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    FM Babacan: Northern Iraq is like a "spring board" for the PKK

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    03.10.2007 - 09:46 | Son Güncelleme:

    Speaking at a press conference in New York, Foreign Minister and chief EU negotiator Ali Babacan commented on the ongoing investigations in Washington, DC as to how US owned weapons have made their way into PKK terrorists' hands, noting "It is clear that some very serious mistakes have been made."

    Babacan also noted at the press conference: "As we have said over and over again, Iraq has become a training ground for terror groups. In this chaotic environment, it is clear that the Americans have not been able to carry out the full controls necessary....We will see when the results from this investigation are made clear."
    Babacan also touched specifically on the situation in northern Iraq, calling it a "spring board" for the PKK terror group. He reiterated that Turkish officials have pressed a strong and determined case to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for further US action on this front.
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