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    First city walls of Istanbul discovered in Yenikapı

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    18.06.2006 - 11:41 | Son Güncelleme:

    One section of the lost city walls, dating back to the period when Roman emperor Constantin had first founded Istanbul (Constantinople), was discovered Archeologist Metin Gökçay in Yenikapı Istanbul old town. Alongside Constantine city walls, Gökçay also found remains of the first settlement on the coast of Istanbul, the neighbourhood of Elephterion, as well as remains of the Port of Elephterion Including its 1600 year-old wooden legs, dating back to the fourth century, now located as 400 metres behind the coastal line.

    Concrete plant built on top of ruins
    However, in an act that could not occur anywhere else in the world, a concrete plant was swiftly built over the ruins belonging to the first founding of the city, found during digs as part of the Marmaray Project.

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