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    Fatih Cekirge: Turkey's intelligence sharing with the U.S. cut

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    06.10.2008 - 10:50 | Son Güncelleme:

    Those are the questions:

    - How can a terrorist group over 300 strong so blatantly attack a police station?

    - Can no one see this group loaded with heavy weaponry?

    - How can they carry out this attack in broad day light?

    - Is there no any intelligence information?

    - Where is the intelligence shared with the U.S.?

    I asked these questions to a high-level official. This is the response I received:

    - The intelligence sharing mechanism with the U.S. was broken-off after the latest operation. Anyway, it is impossible to have a satellite-intelligence sharing mechanism operating all the time. This mechanism has been cut because of this. Turkey carried out its own intelligence activities.

    This is the situation.

    As a result, Turkey has been provided satellite-intelligence for a few weeks in order to prevent it from entering civilian areas in Iraq, creating a threat in the region, including Kirkuk.

    Do not expect more.

    When we look at the situation as of September, 2008, the death toll in the region is 35, not 15.

    August 31, Yedisu district of Bingol: Four dead.

    September 2, Kigi district of Bingol: Three dead.

    September 5, Guneycam area in Sirnak-Hakkari region: Three dead.

    September 7, Semdinli district of Hakkari: Six dead.

    September 14, the mountanious area of Hakkari: One dead.

    September 22, Hakkari: One dead.

    September 27, Sirnak: Two dead.

    Total: 20 dead.

    And on Saturday, painful news of 15 more. Then what happened?

    Thirty-five boys of this country were killed in 35 days. So where is the 15 dead? It is 35.

    So we come face-to-face with the seriousness of the situation when there is an aggregated death toll. The nation is shocked and stops what it is doing to take notice. In other words, the situation is taken more seriously when more soldiers are killed. State authorities start to act... Scheduled visits are postponed and emergency meetings are held.

    But the routine of life continues when soldiers are killed one by one... Isn't it like this? Yes, it is when we look at the current picture.

    What a pity...






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