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    Fatih Cekirge: He is not alone

    Hürriyet Haber
    05.05.2008 - 12:39 | Son Güncelleme:

    Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Cemil Cicek’s is not alone in making his observation that suggests “the AKP should take a look at itself and sort out its mistakes; some ministries may be replaced.”

    When I spoke to another minister the other day, he told me the following:

    - The AKP should show that it is not a party of extremes. It must declare to those who have the dream to form a state based on Sharia that this impossible. And for those who have a dream of “nationalist state” and are in pursuit of an undemocratic quest, they should be told to limit these aspirations.  As a center political party, which has determined its main goal as the European Union and has turned its direction toward development and the public’s welfare, the AKP should remove all concerns relating to it. The duty to remove those concerns belongs to us, and not those with the doubts.

    I think these thoughts are in the minds or private conversations of many members of the AKP. 

    What I do not understand is:

    Why PM Erdogan perceives these conclusions as taking a step back?

    As with the perception that showing a little tolerance to the country’s workers on May Day was also taking step back.

    And I am asking myself:

    Whether or not there are three different spheres of thought and influence surrounding PM Erdogan.

    And whether those in the second and third spheres, unable to overcome the influence of inner sphere surrounding the PM and express their opinions within the party, have started to express themselves anonymously to external sources.



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