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    Farewell to Sabanci, with State Service

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    12.04.2004 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Businessman Sakip sabanci is seen off today, with a state ceremony. His body, wrapped in the Turkish flag was brought to the Fatih mosque after a ceremony held in front of the Sabanci Holding. Hundreds of people participated into the ceremony both in the Sabanci Center and the prayers at the Fatih Mosque.Sabanci Holding's CEO Celal Metin said here that "It was his spirit that brought us here, all together. He was a man of culture and industry and will be eternally so. Our separation today is only physical.His last book was entitled "My Life, From the Place I left It." but he never left life. Sakip Sabanci's life will continue as long as human being survive. We pledge to continue his work."   Sevket Sabanci, speaking on behalf of the Sabanci family, started his words with a memory: "Years take me back. When we lost our father, we united around my elder brother Sakip. Under his leadership, we were able to create many works at home and abroad, with his endless spirit to work and produce new ideas.  HE WAS DEDICATED TO CHARITY"We started the Sabanci Holding under his leadership. This is his work. The Sabanci Holding produced the Sabanci society, expressed in thousands.My elder brother Sakip attached also importance on social service. He was dedicated to charity, to do the good to others and help the needy.    "Through our foundation, were were able to produce more than hundred works. God enabled us doing this. Sakip sabanci had never been able to gear himself and took numerous initiatives. He always struggled to serve the people, in art, education, culture."  Deputy PM Abdullah Gul said that the best way to express dedication to Sakip sabanci was to "Work, work and work." Gul said "The business world lost a dean;  the education and culture world a leader; the Turkish business world a businessman who was capable of taking and managing risks; and the Turkish diplomacy, a volundeer ambassador who worked to carry Turkey to the first league in the international sphere."
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