GeriGündem Fairytale shop offers decoration of your dreams
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Fairytale shop offers decoration of your dreams

ISTANBUL - Finding the best home decorations can be very costly. Sometimes, going for the unique does not always mean going for the most expensive.

Residents of Istanbul are lucky as it is possible to find quality, original and unique furniture at good prices. One just has to know where to look: Instead of frequenting luxurious shopping malls, check out modest places hidden along small sidestreets.

Eminönü’s Tahtakale, famous for its markets with almost anything one may need, has a street where complete or unpainted wood furniture is sold. Among those shops, there is a small and hidden one that's different from the rest.

Small but cute, Masal (Fairytale) is a wood and decoration shop that includes many original pieces of furniture and decoration tools made of basic wood and decorated by mother of pearl, glass, ceramics, etc É All the work inside the shop is done by one patient man, looking over his work with smiling eyes from behind thick glasses.

"The numbers killed my eyes. Now, I am happy that I use them in designing furniture all day in this shop," said Hakkı Şükrü Önduygu. After working as an accountant for 27 years, Önduygu retired in 2004 and started to do what he always dreamed of: producing unique furniture.

Unique work
Önduygu, the father of two sons, said each of his works is like his child and he is sad when it is sold. "I feel empty for a few hours when I see my work leaving this shop," he said. His works are really the kind of things that "one cannot explain, since they should be seen."

There are many materials inside the shop waiting to be a part of Önduygu’s works. He collects his materials from big malls that specifically sell construction materials, and even from the exhibitions. "I buy things that I like without knowing where I can use them. They stay in my shop for a while until I find a suitable place for them," said Önduygu. The new design ideas can come to his mind anytime, anywhere.

His only limit is his imagination. "Once I saw a wall-mounted flowerpot sold in Tahtakale and thought that I could make a lamp from them," said Önduygu.

Öndoğru uses only fir trees and horn beech trees for his work because these are the most durable types of wood.

Masal shop: Çanakçılar Street. No:10 Eminönü/
Tel: +90 212 511 78 16

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