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Extra parking spaces

Extra parking spaces
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ISTANBUL - New projects in Istanbul are offering extra parking spaces. Many offer parking space for one or two vehicle per unit. Most of them have a visitors’ parking lot also. More ambitious projects offer three to four vehicle parking spaces per unit

As demand for parking lots increases in Istanbul, residential projects that offer extra parking spaces are being preferred.

Istanbul has a population of 12 million, 4 million dwellings and 2.5 million vehicles. In an ideal situation, each home must have a parking space for 1.5 vehicles. But tens of thousands of buildings do not have parking lots.

New projects being built in the city have several offers to make a difference for the buyer. Among them are sports facilities, fitness centers, swimming pools, parking lots, individual gardens and helicopter-taxi facilities.

Many projects offer parking space for one or two vehicle per unit. Most of them have a visitors’ parking lot also. More ambitious projects offer three to four vehicle parking spaces per unit. For example, in Maslak’s Mashattan Project, it was announced that each unit would be allocated a parking space for four vehicles. In that project, units are of sizes of 85, 170, 255 and 340 square meters.

Beylerbeyi Konakları, on the Asian side, has 25 houses and each house has three-vehicle parking space.

Trump Towers in Mecidiyeköy has two towers of 39 and 37 stories. It offers apartments ranging from 70 square meters to 470 square meters. Trump Towers have a six-story parking lot with a capacity of 2,800 vehicles. This facility is expected to lessen the parking problem in Mecidiyeköy area.

Kanyon Shopping Center in Levent and its residences have a closed parking facility with a capacity of 2,300 vehicles. Kanyon has 250,000 square meters of office space and a residential block of 26 stories, 30,000 square meters.

Kempinski Astoria Mall at Esentepe has two towers of 27 stories each. This project has 168 luxurious units ranging from 80 square meters to 300 square meters. It also has 40 offices and a 1,000-vehicle parking lot.

The 64-story Sapphire, to be opened later in 2009, has 174 residences. Every residence will have a two-vehicle parking space and a visitor’s parking space. The parking lots of the building cover six floors. When finished, Istanbul Sapphire will be the highest building in Turkey. That title belongs to İş Kuleleri for the moment.

Ağaoğlu’s ambitious project in West Ataşehir, My World, allocates two parking spaces per apartment. It will have a separate parking lot for its mall. Inside My World, only the Andromeda Residence will have a closed parking facility for 1,000 vehicles. Its social facilities will have another extra 100-vehicle parking lot.

Fiyaka Esenşehir will have a parking lot for 950 vehicles. The project has 16 blocks, with a total of 832 units.

Avrupa Konutları TEM, right next to the TEM highway in Gaziosmanpaşa, has a total of 5,000 vehicle parking capacity, of which 3,500 are closed.

Canan Yapı’s North Ataşehir project at Şerifali, Canan Residence, has built a 500-vehicle parking lot for its 260 units.

Among other luxurious projects, Selenium Twins at Fulya, Beşiktaş has 480 apartments. Regular sized apartments will get two-vehicle parking spaces while studio units will get one vehicle parking space. The parking lot will be located at below ground levels. The entire lot will be acclimatized and will be equipped with sprinkler systems to protect against fires. They will also have CCTV systems for security.

The second project from the same developer, Aşçıoğlu İnşaat, Selenium Panorama will allocate two vehicle parking spaces for units, plus a visitors’ parking lot.

Another major project İdealistkent has a parking capacity of 1,700 vehicles. The posh Uphill Court Ataşehir of 1,744 units has parking facility for 3,500 vehicles.
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