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    Exchange Zana For KADEK

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    22.10.2003 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    The fact that, in spite of the insistence of Turkey, KADEK was not included in EU’s list of terrorist organizations, causes problems between Ankara and Brussels. EU, which promulgated the revised list on September 16 but not cited KADEK, draws criticisms of Ankara.Turkish officials in contact with EU Commission reportedly remind the reactions of the Commission and European Parliament (EP) and gave the message that, “If you include KADEK in the list of terrorist organizations, then the course of DEP case may change.” The same officials stated that the Turkish public questioned the sincerity of EU in this issue and had difficulties in viewing the reactions to the DEP case as serious. The message that, “Put KADEK in your list of terrorist organizations so that people can understand that your reaction at the DEP case, in which Leyla Zana and three other former DEP deputies are being tried on grounds that they assisted PKK, is a matter of principle.” Following the September 11 incident, EU decided to prepare a list of terrorist organizations at the end of 2001. It included PKK and DHKP-C in this list last year, however it ignored the fact that PKK replaced its name with KADEK. Except for Turkey, all candidate countries approved this list.The last version of the list, which is revised once in every six months, was publicized on September 16. EU Commission, which did not include KADEK in the list, explained its rationale by stating that the organization did not launch an armed struggle.Leyla Zana, a former DEP deputy, who received 15 years of prison sentence because of membership in PKK, is being tried in the Ankara State Security Court (DGM). If she and her friends are not released, it will probably be a “negative point” for Turkey in the Progress Report, which will be publicized on November 5. EP had bestowed Zana the Sakharov Human Rights Award in 1996. If released, Zana will go to Brussels to get this award and will deliver a speech in EP, where only the heads of state and EP deputies speak.
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