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    Evans had to correct his statement again after using "genocide" in his apology

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    03.03.2005 - 11:59 | Son Güncelleme:

    US Ambassador in Yerevan John Evans had to correct his statement one more time using the expression ''genocide'' regarding the relocation of some Armenians under Ottoman rule during the past century, despite formal policy of the United States. Evans, at a meeting he had with the representatives of Armenian community living in the United States, criticized formal policy of Washington, affirming that the incidents should be described as ''genocide''.

    As a reaction, US State Department posted a statement of apology signed by Evans, on the website of US's Yerevan Embassy. In this apology, Evans said that to use the term of ''genocide'' was his personal position, refuting any change in US policy. Evans also
    apologized for causing misunderstandings.

    However Evans, in his apology, said, ''there was no change in Armenian genocide policy of US'', and secretly included the term ''genocide'' to the text.

    Turkey's Ambassador in Washington Faruk Logolu reacted to this.   Ambassador Logoglu reminded his interlocutors in the State Department that the United States did not recognize ''Armenian genocide'' noting the expression in Evans' apology was unacceptable.

    Justifying Turkey's warning, US State Department made Evans to issue a ''correction'' for the apology.

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