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    Eurobarometer results reveal Austrian stance on Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania

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    04.10.2005 - 13:13 | Son Güncelleme:

    Turkey is not alone in being on the receiving end of public rejection by Austria. Results from recent polls in Austria also point to a general lack of support for the EU memberships of countries such as Romania and Bulgaria, countered by enthusiasm for the membership of richer countries like Norway and Switzerland, who are not even trying to become EU members. According to results from the "Eurobarometer" poll revealed yesterday in Vienna, only 1 in 10 people in Austria support an EU membership for Turkey.

    While general support among all EU countries for a Turkish membership is around 35%, Austria registers the lowest level of general support. In Cyprus, 16% of public polled supported a Turkish membership, while in 21% of both German and French public lent their support.
    The question of an EU membership for Croatia also garnered some unexpected results from the Eurobarometer poll. In Austria, support for a Croatian EU membership was at 45%, while in Europe in general 52% of polled public supported Croatia in the EU. When it comes to Romania and Bulgaria, slated to enter the EU officially in 2007, only 21% of Austrians said "yes" to Bulgaria, while an even fewer 17% said "yes" to Romania. Support for the EU memberships of these two countries in Europe in general meanwhile was between 45-50%, in other words much higher than in Austria.
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