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    EU: We are Lifting Isolation of TRNC

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    27.04.2004 - 10:31 | Son Güncelleme:

    The foreign ministers of the European Union announced Monday that they were firm to remove the isolation of Northern Cyprus and took the firs step.

    The final communique of the General Affairs Council.  recommended to the European Commission to release a financial aid of 259 million Euro to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and to begin work to prepare comprehensive projects for this purpose.

    The announcement which was prepared by EU Term President Ireland and approved by the member countries said that; The Council of Ministers is firm to support the economic development of TRNC  which displayed a clear will to join the EU.

    The financial aid to be extended by EU to TRNC is expected to be made available for economic, social and cultural projects.

    The ministers said that the future of Turkish Cypriots was in Europe.
    No Recognition but Aid
    EU Commissioner for Enlargement Günther Verheugen said that the assistance will be made to the Turkish Cypriots directly, without recognizing the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The EU Commisssion will decide on the issue on Wednesday. Turkish Cypriot Prime Minister Mehmet Ali Talat will discuss the prospects, in his talks with EU officials on Tuesday.

    Meanwhile Reuters agency quoted EU officials as saying that the European Commission might open a bureau in Northern Cyprus.


    The Council postponed approving the Cyprus regulations which suspends the EU
    acquis in the North, in case of Greek Cypriot membership, to Wednesday.
    Diplomatic sources said that there were proposals in favor of  Turkish
    Cypriots in the regulations.

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