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    EU- Troyka meeting hints at signing an adapted EU protocol

    08.03.2005 - 13:35 | Son Güncelleme:

    The outcome of the EU-Troykasi meeting held yesterday in Ankara, sent a message that Turkey will be able to sign an adapted protocol on the EU within a few weeks, which will include a Greek Cypriot Sector for the Customs Association.

    Following a meeting between Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn and Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül it was announced that both sides are hopeful the protocol would be signed within a few weeks.

    Asselborn said that in the event that this becomes a reality, the Turkish Cypriots will obtain the means to put pressure in the direction of abolishing two rules and regulations that enforce the continual isolation directed at the Turkish Cypriots.

    Asselborn, together with British EU Minister Denis MacShane and EU Head Commissioner Olli Rehn submitted a new draft regarding harmonization of the protocol to Ankara. In this draft only one of Ankara’s warnings was taken into consideration. It states that: they will sign with six old members, who were not included in the protocol earlier alongside the 10 new EU members.
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