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    EU Commission: Viral strain in Turkey is H5N1

    Hürriyet Haber
    14.10.2005 - 10:06 | Son Güncelleme:

    The EU Commission announced yesterday that following close examination in England's laboratories, the strain of bird flu virus found in Turkey was the deadly H5N1, of particular risk to humans. Markos Kipriyanu, the EU Commissioner in charge of Health and Consumer Protection, noted that the viral strain found in Turkey had ties to the virus which has already appeared in Russia, Mongolia, and China. Kipriyanu said that it had not yet been determined whether the virus seen in Romania was of the same strain.

    Kipriyanu, in his statement, warned travelers to Turkey, Romania, and other countries where bird flu had been seen, to keep a safe distance from farms, and to stay out of contact with wild birds. Over the past two years in Asia, 117 people, most of whom were working in close contact with poultry animals, have caught bird flu, and of these, 60 have died.
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