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    Ertugrul Ozkok 'Will We Enter War?'

    Hürriyet Haber
    02.02.2005 - 10:46 | Son Güncelleme:

    The Istanbul deputy of AKP Egemen Bagis is one of the most interesting personalities around Premier Erdogan to date. He attends all foreign trips and this Saturday he will be joining Erdogan in Southern Asia. But Bagis's toughest mission will start immediately following the South Asia trip.

    Bagis will travel directly from South Asia to Washington. He plans to attend a cocktail party in the American Congress. Zeynep Damla Gurel from CHP, who has been publicized by the CHP leader as Bush's puppet and was therefore excluded in the last party congress, will also attend the cocktail party. This two-person team has an important mission in Washington with plans to announce the foundation of a Turkey Committee to the American Congress. The committee now has 70 people.

    A representative from the committee is planning to visit Turkey very soon. The committee's main goal is to improve relations between Turkey and America.

    The White House is damaging our peace in Kirkuk while trying to maintain good relations with Turkey. The Bush administration, like that of Blair's has been very good at implementing
    mindless strategies in the region. They ignore all the subtleties of Central Asia in their foreign policy.

    Turkey has a stake in this matter because we have done all we could for the region and have openly informed the U.S. for over a decade about the sensitivities of Northern Iraq. But now we are facing a collapse of our borders. After the March 1st rejection by Turkey to allow U.S. troops to enter Iraq from the north this was inevitable.

    This rejection was what started the collapse of our Northern Iraqi policy. And now we are confronting a more difficult situation.

    We shall either be a party in the Iraq war fighting with both Kurds and Americans. Or will wait for Americans to leave the region and settle our accounts after then. Or...will live rationally with the Northern Iraqi Kurds.

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