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    Ertugrul Ozkok: The recent record of capital racists in Turkey

    Hürriyet Haber
    14.10.2005 - 11:29 | Son Güncelleme:

    I will not grow weary of writing on this topic. And please, don't you grow weary of reading and thinking on this topic. Because the picture in front of us is this: Our country, our beloved Turkey, is required to find work for 1 million young people every year. Yes, every year, we have to find jobs for our youth, so many that they number the same as the entire population of Greece. This means new investments. This means opening up to the world. This means accepting foreign capital. Yes, this is the most tangible and urgent need in front of us.

    However, behind this picture lies the most incredible hostility towards foreign capital imaginable. The enemies of foreign capital, to whose minds nothing but "giving away gifts," and "siphoning away money" comes when the word "economy" is mentioned, try to cover up this reality with slogans. We must expose these negative souls today. We must reveal their records. 
    The bodies which carry these souls have no worries when it comes to work. Some of them are leaders of political parties. Even if the world is destroyed, the armchairs they are sitting in won't shake. They can't be shaken. Some of them are MPs. If their leader calls them to come, they come. When told to go, they go. They are opposed religious sect leaders, but they feel no compunction at kneeling before their political sheiks. Some of them are glued to the door of the state. They have all been on state salaries their entire lives. The economic crisis which has left hundreds of thousands without work, which has closed the doors of companies and businesses, leaving people hungry and thirsty, has never knocked on their doors. They are so inured to the situation that they would even say "There is no economic crisis here."
    Some of them are daily columnists. They are relaxed. Their jobs are not at risk. While young reporters lost their jobs in the crisis, they continue to get their monthly salaries down to the last coin. Their lives pass in an egoistic paradise supported by emails, faxes, and telephone calls from a minority of fanatics who think like themselves. They don't care about foreign investments lost, investments stopped. In fact, they are overjoyed when things take a turn for the worse in Turkey. Because people without hope, jobless souls, flames which have been put out, this is their life-geography, their hunting grounds. Their biggest form of entertainment is surfing the waves of economic crisis, like some sort of populist sport. Stability, development, prosperity, economic growth: these are their biggest fears.
    I will continue to write, without tiring, about these people. I will continue my quest to expose these dark souls, these enemies of prosperity. And please, don't you my readers tire of reading and thinking about this. And never let this picture leave from the forefront of your mind:
    In our country, we have the responsibility to create jobs for 1 million youth every year.
    This means foreign capital.
    This means a free market.
    This means encouragement.
    This means opening our doors, and inviting others to invest here.
    And don't ever forget this:
    The souls who oppose Arab capital, Jewish capital, American, Russian, and French capital, these people have no life worries. As I told you, some of them are political party leaders, some politicians, others daily newspaper columnists. They are all secure in their jobs. The economic crisis of 2001 didn't affect any of their jobs. And so, this is the recent history and record of the capital racists in our country.....
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