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    Ertugrul Ozkok: Did Turkey make an offer to PKK's leader?

    Hürriyet Haber
    10.10.2008 - 12:18 | Son Güncelleme:

    I was one of the journalists who talked to Emre Taner, undersecretary of National Intelligence Agency (MIT), after he was appointed.

    I had learnt interesting things in that conversation.

    Taner said he had visited Imrali prison during his previous posts and met Abdullah Ocalan.

    This was new information not just for me but for everybody as well.

    I wrote this information three days after and the Turkish public learnt about the first contact with Ocalan other than those made by the soldiers and the prosecutors.

    The leader of the terror organization told Taner: "Where have you been, I have been waiting for you for a long time."

    So that he was also expecting this contact.

    It seems that some other high level contacts were also made with Ocalan.

    I want to bring this issue to agenda since they have very interesting points.

    * * *

    Cevdet Askin, from Referans daily, mentioned this recently and Yalcin Bayer, from Hurriyet daily, followed him as Hikmet Cetinkaya from Cumhuriyet daily also wrote this for the third time yesterday.

    But, surprisingly I see nobody discusses or gives reaction to this issue.

    Here is the incident:

    Firat News Agency has recently published Ocalan's remarks regarding the Ergenekon case, which I think is a nonsense analysis.

    This part of Ocalan’s remarks is not important. But he gives very interesting information.
    Ocalan says nine years ago he met two Turkish officials, one of them soldier and the other is civilian.

    The name of the soldier is Atilla Ugur, who is a military intelligence official.

    And the other one is Emre Taner, who is then the vice-undersecretary of the MIT secretary.
    Ocalan explained the message delivered as follows: “Both Atilla Ugur and Emre Taner told me this: 'Let's solve this problem with you not with the Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party, Patriotic Union of Kurdistan of Iraq or United States.' I see this as positive . But their situation is obvious now. The general, who attended my interrogation, is in prison now and he doesn't know why he is there."

    These are Ocalan's remarks.

    * * *

    Let us continue with the issue.

    Atilla Ugur is in prison under the Ergenekon case.

    Hursit Tolon, the general who Ocalan mentions in his remarks is also in prison under Ergenekon case.

    This means, both the prosecutor and the judge can ask them the question that "Have you delivered the message to Ocalan to solve the problem with him?"

    Of course we can ask the same question to the undersecretary of MIT, who is a public servant: "Have you delivered a message to Ocalan? How did he respond if you did? Did you see any light for the solution of the problem?"

    We must ask these questions to those who are both in prison and not in prison and must get answers for them.

    If the remarks of the leader of the terror organization are true, this shows that Turkish government had spoken him on the solution of the problem and made an offer to him.

    My words should not be taken as I am opposed to such an act. No, I am not.

    On the contrary, I believe that all ways should be forced to end terror.

    Therefore I want to know whether such a method was forced nine years ago or not, and if did then who blocked this process.

    Let me also remind that the ruling Justice and Development Party was in power during the six years of those nine years.

    I also ask them the same questions.

    If someone denies the report, then I would say that this is nothing new.

    The first article was published on Oct. 4 and two more followed.

    And today is the 10th of October...

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