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    Ertugrul Ozkok: Baykal's bank accounts and satisfying the public's curiousity

    Hürriyet Haber
    24.01.2006 - 11:11 | Son Güncelleme:

    According to someone, there is "one million YTL" in a certain political leader's personal bank account. There person who has made this allegation is not any old person. He is Treasury Secretary Kemal Unakitan. As a journalist, when I read this news, I began to rub my hands together, saying "There is going to be a lot for us in this news" Just think, not only politics, but money. One million YTL, uncovered in a secret bank account. And how? Because the Treasury Secretary had decided to examine bank accounts which contained over 50 thousand YTL. And in doing so, came across a bank account belonging to a certain political leader.

    The first business was to figure out exactly which party this leader belonged to. The Treasury Minister didn't give names. But it's clear from what he described. The fingers all point to CHP leader Deniz Baykal. He has clearly interpreted it this way. He has opened his accounts to Hurriyet. So what's going on here? Is Baykal lying? Or is the Treasury Minister making slanderous accusations? When the treasury secretary of a country makes allegations on this level, it is impossible to ignore. He must explain to whom the money belongs, and from where it came.
    The news came out in a newspaper known for its closeness to the Prime Minister. I wanted to call the Treasury Minister and ask him myself. But he was in a meeting, and I couldn't reach him. Following this, I called the general editor of the Yeni Safak newspaper, which printed the allegations, Mustafa Karaaliopglu. Karaaoglu is a well-konwn, careful journalist in Ankara. I asked whether he had a taped recording of Unakitan making these allegations, but he said no, that the treasury minister had made them in front of a parliamentary group.
    I also wonder about whether when the Treasury Ministry checked bank accounts containing more than 50 thousand YTL, whether they looked at the bank accounts of other political leaders. I think that, as an objective Treasury Minister, Unakitan must have started the check into large bank accounts with the bank account of the leader of the largest political party. I mean that of the general leader of the AKP, Tayyip Erdogan. Were his bank accounts containing over 50 thousand YTL looked into?
    Anyway, in the evening, Unakitan called. He said that he had never made such a claim. But it was too late...the arrow had already left the bow. Baykal though didn't miss the chance, and revealed his bank accounts. And now the public will want to know details about all the bank accounts of the various political leaders. And we, as journalists, will do our best to satisfy this desire on the part of the public. So, a pandora's box has been opened. We will look and see what lies inside that box. As I said earlier, "There's going to be a lot for us in this news."
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