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    Erdogan:" Success can't be achieved against terrorism only through fight in natioal level"

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    10.03.2005 - 15:48 | Son Güncelleme:

    "The most important experience of Turkey during the long and difficult struggle against terrorism is that countries cannot be successful in fight only in national level against terrorism,'' said Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday.

    Speaking to reporters prior to his departure for Spain, Erdogan said, ''Democracy, Terrorism and Security Summit in Madrid is held by Madrid Club under the auspices of King Juan Carlos of Spain.''

    Erdogan recalled, ''hundreds of people died in last year's terrorist attack in Madrid. We sent a message to Spain and condemned attacks. We said we are ready to take part in a joint action plan against terrorism.''

    ''We will continue to express our calls of cooperation against terrorism. International cooperation against terrorism should be broadened and countries should be in solidarity to eliminate terrorism,'' added Erdogan.

    Erdogan said, ''tomorrow a commemoration ceremony will take place in Madrid for those who died in terrorist attacks. I will attend this ceremony. I will also meet several heads of state and government who will be in Madrid for the summit.''

    When a reporter asked, ''you are going to meet UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. Is there a new proposal about Cyprus issue? Do you have any expectations from the meetings?'' Erdogan said, ''Mr. Annan and I will probably discuss Cyprus issue. Turkey has already fulfilled its responsibility as a guarantor country for Cyprus. This was obviously displayed in last year's referendum. 65 percent of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus voted 'yes' to Annan Plan while 75 percent of Greek Cypriot side voted 'no' to the plan in the referendum. Greek Cypriot side which rejected the plan was rewarded and accepted as an EU member on May 1st. On the other hand, TRNC faces
    embargoes. At that point, EU does have many responsibilities, particularly lifting of embargoes on TRNC.''

    ''Annan clearly mentioned these issues in his report. Turkish Cypriots and we expressed that we are in favor of peace. The side which is against peace is Greek Cypriots. Thus, discussing this issue with Greek Cypriots and their approach are important,'' added Erdogan.

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