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    EMIN COLASAN: How Dare You!

    Hürriyet Haber
    22.04.2004 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Emin Colasan says, "One gets ashamed seeing such a big country, the Turkish Republic surrendering to EU.  Former DEP deputies were sentenced to a 15-year prison sentence each. These were elected as deputies in 1991 but had stirred parliament at the inauguration ceremony. Some of these appeared at Parliament wearing PKK colors and some talked about Turkish and Kurdish people. But most importantly, their connection with Abdullah Ocalan and PKK was evidenced.  These happened when the PKK terror was under way in the Southeast... When thousands of people were killed and had to leave their homes, DEP deputies were in connection with PKK...Their re-trial began after ECHR found the hearing unfair. Yesterday's ruling made for them was right; they were to remain in prison for a while. "Some people sent especially by Europe, followed the hearing. Among those, an Italian deputy, representing the European Parliament went as far as saying that; "This is an insult to EU, ECHR and Turkey. This court is part of FASCISM!  Independent justice is out of the question as long as state security courts exist!"""We started experiencing the era of capitulations again.  If I referred to any court as Fascist, I would be sued and pay a high price. But they are talking on behalf of EU and have immunity. No one dares to say anything to them. The government is silent.  Gentlemen! Were you not the ones preventing Denktas from speaking in Turkey?"You were strong enough only to silence Denktas. Are you scared that you will be denied a negotiating date! What a shame! ..This is not the first impertinence of a DEP deputy. We had several of these. They are not only criticizing but also insulting us. .."
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