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    Electricity lines trap Manyas birds

    Doğan News Agency
    10.04.2009 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    MANYAS, Balıkesir - One of the most important ecologic areas in Turkey, the Manyas Bird Paradise located in the Manyas district of Balıkesir, is back in the spotlight after several birds died after getting caught in power lines.

    Manyas Bird Paradise, which faced a drought two years ago, but with the heavy rains this winter, the refuge has regained its green and marshy conditions. Now that the drought problem is solved, there is a new problem threatening the much-frequented place for migrant birds.

    Manyas Bird Paradise, which hosts two million birds from 266 different species and was awarded with an A Class License by the European Council, has taken on its original look after days of rain. But it was the dead birds that has courted the most attention with those involved saying the lines between the reserve and a national park trapped and killed migrating pelicans attempting to land.

    ’Bury the cables’

    The environmentalists called for the Bird Paradise managers to bury the electric cables so that no birds would be harmed, Doğan News Agency reported. Currently, the cables are set so close to the lake in the Bird Paradise, trapping the pelicans coming down after migration.

    The incident also lead to power shortages in the area. After several pelicans were killed, concerned residents called on the authorities to lay the cable underground.

    There are approximately 96 pelicans that brood in specially-built nests at the reserve.
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