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    Eight companies mull bidding for Turkey's nuclear plant

    Anatolian Agency
    17.07.2008 - 13:05 | Son Güncelleme:

    Eight companies and consortiums have so far received specifications for Turkey's first nuclear power plant tender, a senior Turkish official said on Thursday

    "China Nuclear Power Components from China and Unit Investment N.V. from the Netherlands are the last two companies that have received specifications to construct and operate a nuclear power plant in the Mediterranean province of Mersin and sell electrical energy to the Turkish Electricity Trading and Contracting (TETAS)," said Haci Duran Gokkaya, the director-general of TETAS.


    Another six companies and consortiums that received the specifications are Canadian AECL Atomic Energy Of Canada Limited, Japanese Itochu Corporation, French Vinci Construction Grand Projets, French-Belgium Suez Tractebel, Russian Atostroyexport and South Korean-Turkish KEPCO.


    The final competition is planned to be held on Sept 24.


    "Applications, made so far, are quite pleasing for us and we expect more Turkish and international companies to apply for the competition in the coming months," Gokkaya also said.


    Turkey plans to build a nuclear power plant with a capacity between 3000 or 5000 megawatts. TETAS will sign a contract with the highest bidder to buy power for at least 15 years.


    Photo: DHA


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