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    Edelman: Both Sides are Aware of Each Other's Importance

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    09.02.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Eric Edleman, U.S. Ambassador to Ankara said that Ankara and Washington "are both aware of the importance of their mutual relations" and that "ups and downs in communication will not influence the overall sentiment of their ties."Edelman said, while speaking to the press from the embassy mansion, that the views of public opinion were shaped by many reasons and that one of the important reasons in the increase of the anti-Americanisms in Turkey had been Iraq. "The business in Iraq is going on fine and a better result will emerge here with the creation of democratic institutions. Over the past six weeks there has been intense discussions and contact between the U.S. and Turkey and the statements made by both Rice and Gul showed that 'both sides are aware of the importance of relations'." U.S. DOES NOT CARRY OUT POLICY ON REVENGE Being reminded about the statement made by U.S. defense secretary Rumsfeld, on how the U.S. had been put in "a difficult position" in Northern Iraq after Turkey denied the Troops Permit, Edelman said that the denial of the permit by parliament had caused "disappointment" but the U.S. were looking to the future. He added that he did not share the view that it is a "U.S. aim" to "punish Turkey" and that if it were true, why would the U.S be supporting Turkey in the EU, Cyprus, IMF and Middle East?
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