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    Eat-meating spider and "balloon fish" raise alarms; some speculate global-warming

    Hürriyet Haber
    06.07.2007 - 14:56 | Son Güncelleme:

    An eat-meating spider known as a "bogu" among Turkish people has been found at a flower-seller's shop in Akatlar, leading to alarm among some. One expert commented that he had never seen this type of spider before in Istanbul, and that the spider must have come from Antalya or Izmir, and that its poison had a different affect on different species according to their size and systems.

    Meanwhile, an alarm has also been raised along the Turkish Mediterranean coast, where a "balloon fish" (gocephalus sceleratus) has been seen recently in great numbers. Fishermen note that the balloon fish, due to the potentially dangerous poison it produces during the summer months, must definitely not be eaten at these times. Due to the effect of global warming and the rising heat of the Mediterranean waters, at least 65 different types of fish have migrated to the Mediterranean recently from the Red Sea and the Suez Canal.
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