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    Do Not Want VIP, I Will Await My Turn

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    22.04.2004 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Denmark's Communications Minister Flemming Hansen did not accept the offer of the Turkish Airlines officials to implement VIP treatment at Copenhagen Airport on his way to Turkey and queued up like everyone.Hansen said to Turkish Airlines officers, "Here is Denmark. We do not have aVIP tradition. I will queue up and wait like everyone." Then, he waited histurn together with the businessmen accompanying him to give his baggage andcomplete check-in procedures.However, the Danish minister had to give up habit in Turkey where he could not escape the VIP protocol implemented for the ministers. It is observed that he did not like the privileged treatment,  on the contrary, he was annoyed.Stating that he found the people in Turkey very dynamic and full of great hopes, Hansen said, "I do not worry at all about our relation with Turkey. There is big difference between Turkey I knew in Denmark and Turkey I saw here. My ministry may help Turkey in fields of technology and highway construction. You can avail of our engineering firms. I saw many things in Turkey within few hours. And I had very good impressions. We may also help on tube passageway to be constructed in Bosphorus."
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