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    Denktaş: "Loss of Cyprus will be loss of Turkey in geopolitical sense"

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    28.02.2005 - 12:11 | Son Güncelleme:

    President Rauf Denktas of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) said on Saturday that,''loss of Cyprus will be loss of Turkey in geopolitical sense. It is a matter of security.'' Making a keynote speech at a panel discussion: ''Cyprus Under the Light of Recent Developments,''Denktas said Greek Cypriot administration violated the laws and the European Union (EU) accepted this. He said Greek Cypriot side tried to cover this fact with the propaganda that, ''Turkey made an occupation.''

    Stating that TRNC people's human and democratic rights were usurped in Cyprus, Denktas said, ''even if we lose, we should not surrender. Let's say we lost, but we should say we surrendered.''

    Denktas said TRNC state was founded in 1974, noting that, ''it is unreasonable to want the people to give up their independence.''

    Denktas said they wanted Turkish politicians to see the facts and stand firm.

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