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    Delay in award of Nobel Literature prize linked to Turkish author Pamuk

    Hürriyet Haber
    10.10.2005 - 10:34 | Son Güncelleme:

    Speculation is rampant following the Nobel Literature Prize committee's decision last week to postpone the announcement of the winner of the 2005 literature prize by one week, to October 13. According to a story carried in the British newspaper The Observer, the obstacle keeping the Nobel jury from making its decision is a controversy over whether Turkish author Orhan Pamuk should be the candidate to receive the prize. It is the first time in a decade that the prize for literature has not been awarded the same week as the other four prizes for medicine, physics, chemistry, and peace.

    Though denied by official sources, the article in The Observer said that Pamuk's recent controversial statements on the so-called Armenian genocide have created a problem for the Nobel jury, which some say would prefer not to be mixed up in political turmoil. Another factor in the jury's trepidation is thought to be Pamuk's relative youthful age of 53 and the popularity of his recent books, as noted by literary critic Eva Strom: "The Nobel prize should not be awarded to the season's most popular book. A Nobel is given in honor of a writer's life long success."
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