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    Defiant Thieves in Istanbul

    Hürriyet Haber
    05.02.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    A series of robberies have occurred in and around Istanbul. Defiant robbers made the inconceivable happen by stealing the cash boxes of 5 businesses during one month from the same street, Tarlabasi street. They first robbed numbers 44, 48 and 54, then moved across the street, and robbed shops numbered 8 and 6. They even got as close as 300 meters from Beyoglu Police Station. They first targeted number 54, entering from the roof. The robbers entered the shop and blasted the cash box open. The cash box had cheques worth 5,000 YTL inside at the time. Migir Sirap, the owner of the shop said, "These shops are both close to the police station and have police cars patrolling them almost every minute of the day. One month has elapsed but the robbers are still at large." It is believed that the same gang of robbers, recently robbed the Yuksel Cooling Company and the Azim Cooling Plants in Tarlabasi. The robberies were carried out in the same style, blasting the cash boxes open. The thieves got away with a cheque of 40 billion TL. Theft cases in Istanbul reached a peak in 2004, higher than the previous year where, thefts had increased by 15 percent in homes, 6 percent in offices and 21 percent in official departments. In 2004, 22,340 incidents of theft were reported in the city, giving Istanbul the highest rate of reported theft throughout Turkey.  
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