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    Day One: Crisis Of Section To Serve In

    Hürriyet Haber
    09.10.2003 - 09:42 | Son Güncelleme:

    A problem regarding the section of Iraq, in which Turkish troops will serve – if they are sent – emerged in the preliminary meeting between the Turkish and American military officials, which was held in the Joint Staff Headquarters at the time when the permit was being voted at Parliament.

    A high-ranking Foreign Ministry official told Hurriyet, “It is true that there were talks between military officials.” Turkey voiced in these meetings that she desired to serve in the Selahaddin region in the north, which covers also Tikrit, in order to be close to the Turkomans of the north and to contribute to the census. However American officials argued that Turkey’s presence in the North would escalate tension there. They said that a place in Al Anbar region, which stretched from the north west of Baghdad to the border of Jordan and Syria, and mainly included deserts, would be more suitable for Turkey.

    The number of troops, which will go to Iraq, is expected to be about 5-6 thousand. Major General Umit Sahinturk, the Ankara 1st Tactical Brigade Commander, who will command these troops, will be in continuous contact with General Ricardo Sanchez, the Commander of the Iraqi forces of U.S. The main military force will be constituted by the 28th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, which is known as “Peace Brigade.”

    Green Light To Expenses
    Prior to the adoption of the permit, Turkey perceived the stance of U.S. regarding the issue of meeting expenses as, “Everyone should meet its own expenses.” However U.S. will probably approach positively to the idea of meeting part of the expenses of Turkey. Turkey also proposes to establish a fund for the countries, which sent troops to Iraq.

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