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    Dawson: Date of executive directors meeting on Turkey's new stand- by deal is not clear

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    05.03.2005 - 12:09 | Son Güncelleme:

    ''The date of International Monetary Fund (IMF) Executive Directors Board meeting on Turkey's new stand-by deal has not been set yet,'' said Tom Dawson, Director of External Relations at the IMF.Holding a news conference on Thursday, Dawson noted, ''the Turkish government has recorded progress in banking, social security and income management issues.''

    ''Turkish officials are still working on measures which will help IMF Executive Directors to evaluate new program of Turkey,'' he added.

    ''Steps which should be taken have not been completed yet. Our concerns continue regarding Turkish government's plan to extend social security. Turkish officials are working on several arrangements,'' said Dawson.

    Dawson noted, ''we have not reached a final decision yet. After seeing the final situation, we will take a decision on whether our concerns are resolved.''

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