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    Cuneyt Ulsever: What Rice Said and Did Not Say

    Hürriyet Haber
    08.02.2005 - 14:10 | Son Güncelleme:

    During her visit to Turkey, Rice had intended to state her personal view as the new Secretary of State. I can not say what she talked about behind the closed doors. But the things she said and did not say before the public displayed her policies are in parallel with the U.S. President.

    My comments on the things she said are as such:

    * The U.S. is not in a position to respond directly to the special demands of Turkey on Kirkuk.
    * But the U.S. may take a common stance against terror, along with Turkey and the new Iraqi Administration. (That is to say; Be in good relations
    with the new Iraqi government)

    * To implement cooperation against terror, you have to understand the definition of Al Quaeda and Palestinian terror organizations along with the PKK and to understand fighting all of them.
    * For its benefits, the U.S. is for the territorial integrity of Iraq.

    * The shape to be resumed by Iraq, will depend on its constitutional process (That will be controlled directly by U.S)

    * The Iraqi people will decide on the future shape of Kirkuk. (Let Kurds not be over-enthusiastic; We have not decided about that yet)

    * Iran will not be attacked soon. But the option is still on Bush's table.

    * The U.S. does not have a concrete economic plan to calm Turkish Cypriots. (The things to be done for Cyprus will be determined within the general
    relations with Turkey)

    * The March 1 Permit had frustrated us (You pushed us towards the Kurds).

    * But we have supported you in EU and IMF. (We are a great and forgiving country. But without us, your EU membership and economic crises can not be solved that easily.)

    I felt that the U.S. really wanted too refresh its conviction its new term, which was clear to me when Rice said, "Unless you help us in our radical Middle East policies on Iran, Syria and Palestine , we shall not help you in the issues of Northern Iraq, Kirkuk, TRNC, EU and even the IMF. "

    May God help the Turkish government in this phase!

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