GeriGündem Cuneyt Ulsever: Clumsy U.S. Frightens Me
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Cuneyt Ulsever: Clumsy U.S. Frightens Me

“…We are rightfully angry! Nevertheless, some of us make fun of U.S. On the other hand, the government is reacting in the outside, but in the inside, it is happy because in the present situation it does not have to sacrifice anything.

I should say that I am feeling very uneasy. The chaos in Iraq, which is expanding day after day, is disturbing me. The present turmoil in the country implies that U.S. will either pull back with shame or will have to come to terms with some actors in the country. Who are some of these actors?
• Shiite leaders, who cannot agree even with each other and who are more fundamentalist than Iranian mullahs.
• Baath loyalists.
• Kurd tribes, who are ready to kill each other.
• Al Qaeda and other terrorist elements, which are gradually securing their place in the region.

“One of the limited topics on which these actors can converge is, being an enemy of Turkey. Almost all of them view Turkey as an open or potential threat for themselves and for the region.

“…If in one way or another UN decides to deal with this turmoil, then imperialists states will try to exclude Turkey and economically partition Iraq among themselves. Turkey will be excluded from the equation any way. I have very deep concerns on behalf of Turkey about the careless attitude of U.S. in Iraq.”

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