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    Culling is gaining ground

    Hürriyet Haber
    12.01.2006 - 12:26 | Son Güncelleme:

    Reports from the eastern town of Dogubeyazit on Wednesday say that the Turkish authorities are now gaining some ground on the culling process. Teams on the ground, who are collecting the birds, have now reached the remote parts of the country, where as previously it had only been concentrated in town centers. Local authorities have admitted that the culling process has been slow, but are now satisfied that it seems to be under control. The city's major said yesterday that they were ready to call in help from security forces if need be, as there still weren't enough teams on the ground to collect all the birds.


    The question of compensation has been on the minds of many as local residents simply don't know what they will do if they hand over their birds. In the remote part of the country, where work is few and far between, the chickens are an important part of these people's lives as they provide food for the family as well as an income from selling the eggs. if these chickens are not replaced with something substantial a question of malnutrition and diet may become an issue.


    Another question that has been raised is that of literacy rate amongst the affected villagers. Women in this area have a low literacy rate and it seems now that a campaign may be launched in the schools in an attempt to educate the women, who are often in direct contact with the birds, through their children. Images of leaflets being handed out at mosques were seen on Turkish TV on Wednesday as men are usually the members of the family with a higher literacy than women.

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