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    CTP and AKEL agree to maintain high level dialogue

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    09.03.2005 - 14:09 | Son Güncelleme:

    Republican Turkish Party (CTP) of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and Greek Cypriot AKEL party on Tuesday expressed determination to display necessary efforts to resume talks to find a solution to Cyprus question on the basis of Annan Plan. The two parties also decided to continue high level dialogue.

    Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Prime Minister Mehmet Ali Talat and Demetris Christofias, president of Greek Cypriot parliament and secretary general of AKEL party met in Lefkosa today (Tuesday).

    Speaking at a press conference after the meeting, Talat said they decided to maintain dialogue, stating that, ''this dialogue will target solution.''

    Talat said, ''we decided to improve dialogue with AKEL to resolve current daily problems between Turkish and Greek Cypriots.''

    AKEL Secretary General Christofias in his part said, ''I came carrying an olive branch,'', and wished the meeting to be the start of a high level dialogue and compromise which will bring a solution to Cyprus question on the basis of Annan plan.

    Talat stated that CTP always reiterated that it was ready to resume dialogue and negotiations on the basis of Annan Plan.

    Christofias said they hoped to continue fruitful negotiations under United Nations auspices on the basis of the Annan plan, noting, ''we can only find an acceptable solution through dialogue.''

    He said it was time for ''the beginning of dialogue to help create the conditions'' for negotiations.

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