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    Crane collapses in New York City, at least one killed

    30.05.2008 - 17:29 | Son Güncelleme:

    A construction crane crashed onto a building in New York City Friday causing damage and at least one death, AFP confirmed, this is the second deadly crane accident in the city in less than three months.

    The crane collapsed in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. CBS and Fox television said the accident caused at least two deaths. 


    A New York fire department spokesman told AFP two people had been pulled out of the wreckage but were in an unknown condition. At least a dozen firefighters were picking through piles of rubble and personal belongings at the site which was closed off at ground level.


    Crowds gathered trying to get a look at the twisted metal of the crane and part of the building that appeared sheared off.

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg told local radio the accident was "unacceptable".


    A similar tragedy took place in Manhattan in March when another construction crane fell on top of a small building, killing seven people.


    A New York City employee later was charged with lying about an inspection he supposedly made of that construction crane.


    Seven people were killed, six of them construction workers, when that 60-meter (200-foot) crane collapsed and crushed an entire residential building and damaged several other properties. Bloomberg described that accident as "one of the worst the city has had".


    That building under construction, a 43-story residential block, had been cited for 13 safety violations, five of which were still outstanding, according to local authorities.


    Photo: Reuters

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