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    Complaint filed over a circus in Antalya

    Anatolia News Agency
    06.07.2009 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    ANTALYA - An animal rights activist has filed a complaint against an Italian circus that stopped in Antalya for a series of performances.

    Animal rights activist Sıla Sipahi applied to the Governor's Office of Antalya claiming that animals were being maltreated in the Italian circus visiting the city. Writing a petition, Sipahi gave examples of the ongoing maltreatments in the circus.

    Sipahi said that a five-meter snake was being kept in a one square-meter bell jar, crocodiles were kept tied in containers of 20 centimeters of depth that were located on a hot concrete platform and lions and tigers were being kept in three square meter cages. Pointing to the Law on Protection of Animal Rights, Sipahi said such treatments were against the law envisaging the proper treatment and sheltering of animals.

    As part of her complaint, Sipahi also asked the officials to examine the ongoing problems in the circus, to impose administrative fines, to cut down the activities of the circus and to prevent its travelling to other cities.

    Sitare Şahin of the Animal Rights Federation, or HAYTAP, released a statement to support Sipahi’s petition. In her statement, Şahin said all creatures have the same basic rights with human beings. "I advise parents not to take their children to circuses and zoos," she said. "The use of animals for entertainment is a major moral obstacle in human development."
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