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    Ciphers Of Gen. Ozkok

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    14.04.2004 - 10:10 | Son Güncelleme:

    During his 65-minute address, General Hilmi Ozkok used two “Ciphers.” One of these was the word “Ikbal.” (felicity, good fortune.” He said “I am saying in regret that, some people claim that my attitude was because of a felicity promised to me. No one made such an offer or dared to do so.”

    These words of Ozkok was about the rumors spread by some circles who find his opposition to the government insufficient that, Ozkok was keeping silent because PM Erdogan offered the presidential position to him.

    The second cipher of General Ozkok was about the word “Commander.”

    He said “I want to voice my disturbance over the unfair things said by a general friend of mine. This commander friend has spent all his life serving his nation and gained great success by putting his life at danger. I condemn the mentality that spread rumors about him in internet pages and call these to have some virtue.”

    Ground Forces Commander General Aytac Yalman who was referred to by Ozkok without mentioning any name, had recently been the focus of rumors that he was at a “Harsher stance” against the AKP government.

    In his address, Ozkok denied rumors that there was a difference of opinion within the army.

    Columnist Emin Colasan said “I expected a clearer statement by Gen. Ozkok in Cyprus. Instead he said that the decision was up to Turkish Cypriots. However Cyprus is directly related to Turkey’s national defense. We are against making concessions from our national cause. Gen. Ozkok behaved just like a diplomat in his press conference. I did not receive any message from that!

    “Besides, he also publicised some rumors which no one in fact, knew. We learned that AKP proposed presidency to him. As a journalist, I did not know about that!

    “PM Erdogan made shame by warning President Denktas not to speak in Turkey, but in Cyprus. Whether like it or not, Denktas is a President. These words of the Prime Minister are against the state tradition and protocol. He is speaking in Turkey for year and we are speaking in Cyprus. Erdogan’s call was very inappropriate. Many Europeans come to Turkey and interfere into our courts in the Southeast. Has not Erdogan ever remembered to warn these not to speak up in Turkey? This is a grave mistake!”

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