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    CHP to Solve the DEP Deputies Issue

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    23.04.2004 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    After former DEP deputies were sentenced once more to a prison sentence of 15 years each, main opposition CHP’s Group Deputy Chairman Haluk Koc said that his party will launch a motion at Parliament to correct the mistake in the Penal Execution Law and “We believe that Leyla Zana and her friends have been punished.They are already in prison for ten years.” Koc said, “We regard the 5th Article of the Anti-Terror Law against the law. These people must be released from prison.” Under the penal execution law, ordinary criminals serve 2 fifth of their sentence and terror criminals 3 fourth of their sentence. The motion of CHP aims at removing this inequality. CHP leader Baykal reportedly gave instructions to prepare the motion by the end of next week. Deputy group chairman Haluk Koc called on AKP for support.
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