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    CHP: Erdoğan’s assets worth 1.8 million YTL

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    28.01.2006 - 12:20 | Son Güncelleme:

    Mustafa Özyürek, member of the CHP, has made the latest and most interesting addition to the heated debates concerning party leaders and their assets, caused by the news article entitled, ‘The CHP and Baykal’s colossal bank accounts’, written with reference to Finance Minister Kemal Unakıtan. Özyürek declared that Prime Minister Erdoğan’s pecuniary assets were worth approximately 1.788 million New Turkish Liras (YTL). Ozyurek highlighted that the declaration which Erdogan made regarding his wealth in 2003 had projected into this year. He made the following explanation regarding Erdogan’s assets:

    Food distribution companies

    The Prime Minister held 12%t of shares with Emniyet Food, Ihsan Food, and Ihsan Food Ltd. – companies who market Ülker products. The Prime Minister sold his shares on February 2, 2002, for 3 billion Liras. It was reported that Prime Minister received 1.2 trillion Liras from the sale. The Prime Minister obtained 229 billion in profits from sales in 1999-2002 after tax deductions, from Emniyet Food, Ihsan Food, Ihsan Food Marketing Ltd. Company, and Ihsan Food Marketing Inc.

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